Ancelotti firmly rebuffs Xavi after the victory in El Clásico

Carlo Ancelotti shared his thoughts in a post-match interview, expressing satisfaction with his team’s performance, particularly praising Jude Bellingham’s last-minute goal at the 91st minute which secured a 3-2 victory for Real Madrid over Barcelona, bolstering the Spanish capital club’s championship prospects.

The match ended amidst significant controversy, especially concerning a penalty awarded to Real Madrid and a disallowed goal for Barcelona. While Barcelona’s coach, Xavi Hernandez, insisted that Barcelona deserved the win and blamed poor officiating for their loss, Ancelotti stated, “The disallowed goal for Barca clearly wasn’t a goal. The ball didn’t go into the net. I thought the penalty for Real was quite clear. I’m very happy to be part of this match; it benefited both Real Madrid and Barcelona. It truly was a high-quality match.”

Ancelotti firmly rebuffs Xavi after the victory in El Clásico

The Italian coach proudly reflected on the emotional victory at Bernabeu: “We faced and handled every situation well. Whenever we needed to turn the game around, we had the capability, and with the enthusiasm of an unforgettable week, we secured the win.”

When asked about Vinicius Junior’s displeasure at being substituted, Ancelotti explained, “He didn’t like being taken off. Vini wanted to keep playing. The effort from our forwards is immense, especially considering what happened at Etihad. We ask them to defend, work for the team, they’re very fast, they always attack with depth… so they get very exhausted. I understand Vini; I wanted him to continue playing too, but the tactics required fresh, faster legs.”

Lastly, the Italian strategist declared that Real Madrid would continue to strive in the upcoming rounds with the aim of securing the title: “We will face them with seriousness because that is the best way to prepare for the Champions League. This week has been truly amazing and memorable. We couldn’t ask for more. As always, we will keep moving forward and keep giving our all.”